The Christine Witcutt Memorial Fund

is a charity registered in Scotland in June 2002. Its object is the improvement of care and education of people with special needs in Sarajevo, in particular the funding of the Christine Witcutt Centre and its associated Outreach service.

Prior to June 2002 the Centre was funded by Edinburgh Direct Aid (see, but it was thought better to separate the particular needs of the Christine Witcutt Centre from the wider ranging interests of Edinburgh Direct Aid. At that time EDA transferred all funds held for the Centre (some £160000) to the Memorial Fund.

From January 2007 the Centre (but not the Outreach Service) has been funded by Sarajevo Canton and Municipality and special funds of the Presidency of BiH.



The CWMF is non-incorporated Trust, that is, it is not a Limited Company. It is run by a committee which includes all its Trustees, and other co-opted members, which include two inclusive education experts. Alan Witcutt, husband of Christine, is one of its leading members.

Alan and medalIn a ceremony at the Scottish Parliament, Her Excellency, Mrs. Elvira Begovic, ambassador to the United Kingdom  of Bosnia-Herzegovina, presented to Alan Witcutt a medal specially struck by the municipality of New Sarajevo to commemorate the work and sacrifices of the Witcutt family helping Sarajevo, culminating in the opening of the Christine Witcutt Centre


Office and Overheads.

The office work of the fund is delivered gratis by Edinburgh Direct Aid. Both Edinburgh Direct Aid and the Christine Witcutt Memorial Fund are all-volunteer organisations with no paid staff.
All money collected for the Fund goes directly to the support of the Outreach Service, with the exception of money used for

Total expenditure under the above heads is less than £2000 a year, out of about £20000.