The Christine Witcutt Memorial Fund

Scottish Registered Charity SC033297

Head office:

29 Starbank Rd.

Edinburgh EH5 3BY


Tel: 0044 131 552 1545

    The Christine Witcutt Memorial Fund
  • started a day-care centre in Sarajevo, for children with special needs, as a memorial to Christine Witcutt,who was killed in an Edinburgh Direct Aid convoy delivering aid to the city in 1993. The Day Care Centre has become a model for BiH, and is now incorporated into the Cantonal and local government support system
  • finances a domiciliary visiting service. This service provides vital support to the many families with disabled children in Sarajevo who cannot be accomodated in the Centre
  • has an all-Bosnian staff in Sarajevo.
  • has an all-volunteer staff in the UK, does not use paid advertisements, does not pay commission to fundraisers.

  • Photo (by Esmee Allen of the Edinburgh Evening News) shows a young client of the Centre engrossed in demonstrating her sewing skills to Liz McLaughlin, then head of Edinburgh Direct Aid's Bosnia program

    The Centre opened in September 2001 and provides day-care for 27 children with profound and complex mental and physical disabilities. Canton Sarajevo and the Municipality of Sarajevo are now meeting the running costs, as agreed before the Centre opened. EDA funded the startup costs and the first five years, some 500,000 in all. For the Outreach service some £25,000 per annum is required. With the continuing generosity of our donors we are confident that support can be continued.